Mutual Consent Divorce

If you’re planning to obtain a divorce, mutual divorce ought to always be preferred to a contested divorce. Acquiring divorce through mutual consent is very beneficial because it saves both money and time for parties.

In order to file a mutual consent divorce for Hindus/Christians  the following has to be discussed prior to paperwork.

  • Either Husband or Wife giving any temporary or permanent settlement/maintenance at time of mutual consent , incase if any ?
  • If there are one or multiple child, whose custody they will Father or Mother ?
  • If there are one or multiple child, Who will take care of their expenses (education and others) ?
  • If there are one or multiple child, Whether any visitation rights to meet the kid(s) is required by father or mother

Frequently asked questions.

1. What is the time frame involved in mutual consent divorce ?

The Time frame is 6 months.

2. Do i need to come to court ? is it mandatory ?

Yes both parties need to be present. (Exception (both/either husband and wife) if living in abroad subject to certain jurisdiction and approval of PA petition by the court.)

3. How many times do i need to come to court ?

One at time of filing of petition and Second at end of 6th month. So Twice both parties has to be there.

4. What are details required ?

  • Place of Marriage (Mandatory).
  • Marriage registration certificate (if any).
  • Current Residing Address of both husband and wife. (Mandatory).
  • Permanent Residing address of both husband and wife. (Mandatory).
  • Wedding card or Wedding Photograph (Either one or both).
  • All details if any as listed on start of page.

5. How long it will take to do paper work ?

Varies. Contact us.